Tours by Baiona in Eurotaxitui

Do you want to tour Baiona and A Guarda? I tell you how.

We pick you up in an agreed place and we will go to the historic center of Tui where we can see Tui Cathedral and its different monuments, because it is very narrow streets and it is forbidden to pass vehicles you will have to walk at your leisure without any hassles and with information graph.

After strolling through the historic center of Tui, we will pick up at an agreed place and continue our journey inside the car where we will visit the Santo Domingo convent church. We will continue to the old Roman bridge that is located in the camino de Santiago, we will continue to the chapel Virgen del Camino

We will continue to Mount Aloia located about 15km. of tui, in which is the chapel of San Xiao information located at the top of the park in its vicinity there is a via crucis that culminates in the viewpoint of the great cross that dates from 1910, with amazing views of the river Miño and Portugal.

We continue to Valenca do Minho bordering town with Tui crossing its old bridge there we will find a fortress information free time walks and shopping.


We continue to La Guardia where we will go up to Monte Santa Tecla where we will find the Castros information located at the top of the mountain of the same name, free time to visit the museum or take a walk, then we will go down and take a short walk around the port of La Guardia.

We will continue to Baiona and in its passage we will briefly visit the monastery of Oia.

we arrive at Bayona where we will enjoy this beautiful fishing village where we will go up to the virgin de la Rocha, we will continue to the parador or Monte Real Castle (tickets included for a walk inside the castle), optional visit replica Carabela Pinta (tickets included) then we will have time Free to have lunch and then we will continue visiting the historical monuments walking inside the old town of this municipality information.

Pick-up at agreed point transfer to Tui.

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